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Tiny Tigers Program
Tiny Tigers Program

Karate at the pre-school level is more than just learning about kicking and punching. Karate provides an environment in which children learn to develop and condition their minds, bodies and spirits. Discipline is an essential element of the martial arts. Although a three- or four-year-old doesn't have the same capacity for discipline as an older child, we teach them how to behave appropriately in a karate class. This is done while still maintaining a fun and dynamic atmosphere. There must be a balance of play and discipline. This understanding of discipline has a ripple effect into all other areas of the child's life.

Beginner Program
Beginner Program

Our mission statement for the NYGKA pre-school program is simple: "Learning how to learn." Our Tiny Tigers classes teach self-control, and build on active participation in class. We seek to empower children through instilling the attitude of: "Yes I can!"

Teen/Adult Class
Teen/Adult Class

For teens and adults, the benefits karate can offer are countless. Unlike joining a gym, karate training is meant to develop "mind, body, and spirit" - a philosophy that goes far beyond punching and kicking. New students can expect to improve their physical fitness and health, develop more confidence, and relieve stress, all while learning valuable self-defense skills in a fun, active environment.

Women's Class
Women's Class

Taking that first step to train in the martial arts can feel intimidating. We may not be sure that we've got the time to commit to training given work and family obligations.

Private Lessons
Private Lessons

Whether you are a white belt just learning the ropes or a black belt working on honing your technique and establishing your mindset, private lessons offer a unique opportunity to receive sustained, focused attention and help from one of our seasoned instructors.

Birthday Parties
Birthday Parties

We are known for our world-class Birthday Parties! Birthday parties are available on Sundays in two time slots: 12:30-2:00 and 3:00-4:30.

Birthday parties at NYGKA are a great way to celebrate your child's birthday, with fun karate basics and games led by two of our top-notch instructors.

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Mission Bully-Proof
Mission Bully-Proof

One of the most important gifts martial arts can give a young student is the confidence to navigate a bullying situation. Through our "Mission BullyProof" program, Shihan Jim Chillemi and the NYGKA staff teach the core concepts of addressing a bully problem - whether as a victim or as a bystander.

Community Outreach
Community Outreach

One of the most important elements of karate training is the idea of service. Black belt students, in particular, are expected to understand the importance of giving back - both in the dojo and in our greater communities.

About Our School

Shihan Chillemi
For more than 20 years, New York Goju Karate has been offering quality martial arts instruction to children, teens and adults in the Westchester area. Karate is a living, breathing art-form – that’s the basis of the mantra “Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future” which led our teacher, Shihan Jim Chillemi, to found the New York Goju Karate Association in 1991 - We invite you to learn more about our school and our unique philosophy that has drawn thousands of students to NYGKA over the past two decades.
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4:15pm - 5:00pm Yellow Belt Class
4:25pm - 5:25pm Green Belt Class
5:30pm - 6:30pm Purple/Brown Belt Class
6:30pm - 8:00pm Black Belt Demo Team

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All karate training begins with foundational skills: blocks, strikes, kicks, and stances form the basis for all advanced technique. Similarly, focus, discipline, and respect form the mental and emotional foundation for success in karate, and in life.
The practice of kata (or choreographed forms) is the considered the essence of karate training, and teaches focus, visualization, and combative principles. Kata practice informs and improves upon all other areas of training.
Sparring, or the controlled exchange of technique between partners, is the laboratory where we are able to put our skills to the test. Students begin sparring at intermediate levels, in a safe, comfortable environment.
Traditional weapons training is considered almost inseparable from the practice of karate. At NYGKA, we teach the Filipino art of Kali, as well as the traditional Bo, Nunchaku, and Tonfa — all at intermediate and advanced levels
At advanced levels, close-quarters and ground fighting becomes an additional component of karate training. Our grappling curriculum is just another aspect of our mission to develop well-rounded martial artists.
Personal Development
Karate begins by investing in yourself. Starting from your first class at NYGKA, your understanding of focus, control, balance, and respect are cultivated -- life skills we believe are even more important than kicking and punching.