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Shihan Jim Chillemi is a 6th degree black belt in the goju-ryu style of karate. He has had the privilege to teach martial arts to men, women and children for over forty years. Shihan Chillemi trained with several of the greatest martial artists of our time, including Sensei Peter Urban, from whom he received his first through sixth degree black belt. In 1991, he founded the New York Goju Karate Association in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY where he has been providing a world-class martial arts education to men, women and children in Westchester County. Shihan Jim believes that the martial arts should be a part of every child’s general education, and that martial arts training is training for everyday life. The thousands of students Shihan has taught over the past forty years know that the benefits of karate training far exceed learning how to punch and kick.

Coaching and Speaking

Jim is also a certified life coach and motivational speaker under the John Maxwell Group. He believes strongly in the power of human potential, and that every individual has a choice to live their life intentionally, on purpose, empowering them to author their own life's story. For more information, or to have Jim Chillemi host a lunch and learn with your company, please check out the information below or visit johncmaxwellgroup.com/jimchillemi

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Martial Arts Career

In addition to years of training under Sensei Peter Urban, Shihan has also had the honor and opportunity to train with Shigero Oyama, Fumio Demura, Frank Shamrock, Joe Lewis, Little John Davis, and Apolo Ladra. He considers himself an "L3" (Lifelong Learner).
Shihan Chillemi has competed nationally and internationally, representing America under Sensei Ric Pascetta and Sensei Chuck Merriman He won a silver medal at the European World Championships (Birmingham, UK - 1988) and was captain of the US Team in Milan, Italy, where he won a silver medal in the light-heavyweight division.
For over twenty-five years, Shihan Jim taught karate to men, women, and especially children. He has been recognized by the New York State senate for his outstanding work with children, and is a strong advocate for anti-bullying education.