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Sensei Eric Radoman started his martial arts training at NYGKA in 1993, received his black belt in 1999, and his 5th Dan in 2015. After completing his degree in Environmental Science at the University of Connecticut, Sensei Eric has returned to NYGKA to dedicate himself to both his training and our students. He has been NYGKA’s chief instructor since his return in 2009. Sensei Eric also heads our preschool program along with Sensei Jacki and instructs the Teen/Adult class, providing him with a well-rounded understanding of the needs of students of all ages. Recently, he has expanded his knowledge to include the Filipino martial art of Kali, becoming a certified Kali4Kids instructor. Sensei Eric hopes that all his students will recognize the true value that the balance and focus provided by martial arts has in their daily lives.




Sensei Caroleann Calgi started her martial arts training in 1998, received her black belt in 2005, and her 4th Dan in 2012. After completing her degree in General Science at Fordham University, she continued to devote time to her martial arts training. She has been an instructor at NYGKA since 2007, and enjoys teaching students of all ages. She has specialized in the beginner levels, where she enjoys teaching very young martial artists valuable life lessons. It is important to Sensei Caroleann that her students understand that nothing is ever given; everything must be earned through hard work, determinations, and effort.




Sensei Ben Andersen began his karate training in 2001, earning his black belt in 2005, and his 4th Dan in 2013 under Shihan Jim Chillemi. He has been a lead instructor since 2007. In addition to his years of experience in goju-ryu karate, Sensei Ben’s training includes kyokushin karate, aikido, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and Okinawan kobudo (traditional weaponry). He is an active tournament competitor and coach and runs the NYGKA Demonstration Team. He has specialized in the application of kata for self-protection, and enjoys deepening students’ understanding of karate at the intermediate and advanced levels. He hopes his students will, through their martial arts training, embrace the value of setting and achieving goals throughout life.





Sensei Jacki Samolsky – bio coming soon.






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