White Belt Curriculum

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Stripe 1 Positions
      - Posture
      - Attention
      - Zazen
      - Parade Rest
      - Prepare

Stripe 2 Question and Answers
      - "How do you feel today?" Great!
      - "On a scale from 1 to 10, what do we always work at?" Ten!
      - "What is your most valuable weapon?" Your mind!
      - "What's your most important job?" To do well in school!
      - "Who's the most important person in the world?" Me!
      - "Where is the most important place to use your manners?" At home!
      - "What is most important when it comes to karate?" To have fun!

Stripe 3 Five Point Combination

Watch Sensei Caroleann teach 5 Point Combination (YouTube)

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