Yellow Belt Curriculum

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Stripe 1 Four Corner Blocking System with Counters and Footwork
Roundhouse Kick
      - Rear leg with full step
      - Lead leg with skip step

Stripe 2 Cat Stance
      - Stalking (moving forward)
      - Retreating (moving backward)

Implicit Feelings (Defensive & Offensive)

Stripe 3 Basic Handstrikes (from horse stance)
      - Presenting Goju Fist
      - Reverse Punch
      - Double Punch
      - Vertical Strike
      - Under Punch
      - U-Punch
      - Backfist
      - Backfist Variation
Blitz (Backfist - Reverse Punch)
Snatch and Fire
Snatch and Under Punch
Snatch and Under-Over
Snatch and Over-Under
Snatch and Ridge Hand

Stripe 4 Advanced Handstrikes (from horse stance)
      - Collarbone Strike
      - Palm Up Temple Strike
      - Palm Down Temple Strike
      - Ridge Hand
      - Palm Heel Strike (A, B, and C sector)
      - Spear Hand Strike

Stripe 5 Eight Point Blocking System
      - Low Block (gedan barai)
      - Middle Block (chudan uke)
      - High Block (jodan uke)
      - Deflection Block (soto uke)
Advanced Eight Point Blocking System
Shifting motion away from each block.
Stripe 6 Elbow Strikes (from horse stance)
      - Roundhouse Elbow
      - Rising Elbow
      - Dropping Elbow
      - Turning Elbow
#1 of the Five-Fives
  Green Belt Test:
Basic Fighting Form
Click HERE to download a written description.

Watch Shihan teach Basic Form (YouTube)