Yellow Belt

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Stripe One:

Four Corner Blocking w/ Counters & Footwork

Roundhouse Kick (skip step & full step)

Stripe Two:

Cat Stance (stalking & retreating)

Iron Wall Drills (defensive & offensive #1 & #2)

Stripe Three:

Basic Handstrikes (from kaku)

Presenting Goju Fist

Reverse Punch

Double Punch

Vertical Strike

Under Punch



Backfist Variation

Basic Striking Combinations


Snatch and Fire

Snatch and Underpunch

Snatch and Over-Under

Snatch and Under-Over

Snatch and Ridge Hand

Stripe Four:

Advanced Handstrikes (from kaku)

Collarbone Strike

Palm Up Temple Strike

Palm Down Temple Strike

Ridge Hand

Palm Heel Strike (A, B, & C Sectors)

Spear Hand

Stripe Five:

Eight Point Blocking System

Advanced Eight Point Blocking System

Stripe Six:

Elbow Strikes (from kaku)

Roundhouse Elbow

Rising Elbow

Dropping Elbow

Turning Elbow

#1 of the Five-Fives


Green Belt Test:

Basic Fighting Form