Teen/Adult Class

Teen-Adult Class

For teens and adults, the benefits karate can offer are countless. Unlike joining a gym, karate training is meant to develop "mind, body, and spirit" - a philosophy that goes far beyond punching and kicking. New students can expect to improve their physical fitness and health, develop more confidence, and relieve stress, all while learning valuable self-defense skills in a fun, active environment.

However different our reasons for training, however varied our expectations, one thing more mature students intuitively grasp is that the martial arts, almost uniquely, offer an opportunity to reimagine ourselves, to create ourselves anew. Even more important than developing fighting skills, our training focuses on creating an enthusiastic, non-quitting spirit in ourselves that helps us face the challenges that arise every day at school, at work, and at home. Karate training is a life-long practice, enjoyed around the world by students of every age regardless of most physical limitations. 

Our classes are designed to build discipline, confidence, strength (both mental and physical) and so much more. We hope you'll come try a class with us.