Beginner Program

Beginner ClassThe beginner program at NYGKA is a place where children can have fun and, simultaneously, learn valuable life skills. While they learn the basic techniques that will become the foundation of their karate training, they will progress through a series of eight personal development stripes: Focus, Control, Balance, Teamwork, Coordination, Discipline, Fitness and Memory.

Each stripe has a simple definition with appropriate games and drills to ensure that your child not only understands the meaning of the word, but knows how to apply those skills at home, in school, and at karate.

Our greatest accomplishment is the ability to disguise all of these valuable skills through games and fun drills. Enrolling your young children in martial arts will teach them to have respect, love exercise, set and achieve goals, and, most of all, how to protect themselves.

We hope you will visit our Getting Started page to learn more about our school, our philosophy, and how to begin your child's martial arts education.

We encourage the parents of our young students to consider training as well. The opportunity to train alongside your child in one of our Beginner classes is a fantastic way to strengthen relationships and create great memories. Training separately in our Women's Class or our Teen/Adult Class is a great way to explore all the benefits that martial arts training have to offer – from exercise to stress relief, from practical self-defense to a close-knit community all training side-by-side. We are constantly amazed by the number of "black belt families" we have here at NYGKA – parents and children who have worked together to achieve major goals. We hope you'll ask them about what it means to train alongside your children, and what a terrific opportunity it provides to grow as an individual, and as a family.