Mission Bully Proof

Mission BullyProof

One of the most important gifts martial arts can give a young student is the confidence to navigate a bullying situation. Through our "Mission BullyProof" program, Shihan Jim Chillemi and the NYGKA staff teach the core concepts of addressing a bully problem - whether as a victim or as a bystander.

The foundation of Mission BullyProof, much like the martial arts, is respect. At NYGKA, we expect all our students to be able to define the word "respect." Respect simply means "to treat others the way you want to be treated."

Students are then taught to identify bullying, violence and abuse - as well the four major types of bullying they may encounter. Skills such as creating physical and verbal boundaries to distance themselves from a bully also become tools in navigating conflicts, and often prevent any sort of physical altercation from occurring.

We hope you'll follow the links below to learn more about our Mission BullyProof program, and the positive impact it's having on our schools and communities:

Watch Shihan speak about respect and bullying at Concord Elementary School in Ardsley, NY

Watch the NYGKA demo team perform, as part of the Irvington Diversity Foundation's "Irvington Rocks!" anti-bullying event.