Teen/Adult Karate


For teens and adults, the benefits karate can offer are countless. Unlike joining a gym, karate training is meant to develop "mind, body, and spirit" - a philosophy that goes far beyond punching and kicking. New students can expect to improve their physical fitness and health, develop more confidence, and relieve stress, all while learning valuable self-defense skills in a fun, active environment. For teens, karate is a tremendous way to build self-esteem, improve focus, and promote academic excellence. For adults, the self-protection, exercise, and stress-relief benefits of karate training are second to none. Most importantly, unlike many other sports and activities, karate is appropriate for all body types and levels of fitness. The teen/adult program is perfect for adults, teenagers and pre-teens over the age of 11; children under 11 years of age will find our beginners program more developmentally appropriate. We would love to help find which program would be best for you or your child — please fill out the form below so we can get in touch!