Tiny Tigers Program

Tiny Tigers ClassKarate at the pre-school level is more than just learning about kicking and punching. Karate provides an environment in which children learn to develop and condition their minds, bodies and spirits. Discipline is an essential element of the martial arts. Although a three- or four-year-old doesn't have the same capacity for discipline as an older child, we teach them how to behave appropriately in a karate class. This is done while still maintaining a fun and dynamic atmosphere. There must be a balance of play and discipline. This understanding of discipline has a ripple effect into all other areas of the child's life.

Our mission statement for the NYGKA pre-school program is simple: "Learning how to learn." Our Tiny Tigers classes teach self-control, and build on active participation in class. We seek to empower children through instilling the attitude of: "Yes I can!"

Over the course of a semester, students earn colored stripes specific to developmental skills that apply to karate and to everyday life. Concepts of FocusControl, Balance, Teamwork, Discipline, Coordination, Fitness, and Memory are introduced and practiced through fun games and a positive learning environment. Students in the Tiny Tigers program also earn special colored belts – starting off as a white belt, students earn the ranks of Orange Belt, Red Belt, and Gold Belt on their way to becoming a Blue Belt and joining our main classes.

Over the years, many of our Tiny Tigers students have grown up to become motivated young adults who provide leadership in the dojo as well as in their schools and communities. We hope you'll consider the value of a martial arts education for your child, and visit our Getting Started page for more information on our school, our philosophy, and how to register for classes.